Communication Training In Family Relations

Fair offers communication  training for the individual or groups. Whether it be separated parents or parents together and having difficulty  discussing the 'hard stuff'. Fair specialises in assisting families become a team. Family relationships can be complex, misunderstandings, negative assumption and an inability to comfortably communicate with each other builds resentment. If left unchecked it can rupture the family unit. Our coaching is not 'touchy feely', we are about getting down to the business of helping families cross the divide.

Family And Property Mediation

Fair offers an affordable, less stressful method of resolving a dispute. It's a healthier alternative. We mediate about family relationships. If your having trouble approaching someone or discussing a difficult issue we can help.

Is It Expensive?

No, Fair delivers a premium service with affordability in mind. We facilitate your negotiation using a co-mediation model. In most cases you get a male and female mediator. We provide type written agreements as you progress through each topic. This is printed out on conclusion of the session. Contact us now to find out more.

Client Testimonials

Very well structured and delivered by very competent staff members.

Thanks Ron, this was my second visit thanks for the positive advice.

So nice to know it is possible to have more discussion one on one for other issues.

I found the evening informative and positive, 2 excellent communicators, would recommend this to others.

Ron delivered workshop in an interesting & informative way/method. Thanks heaps.

I feel more positive and confident thanks to the facilitators who make this meeting easy going and understandable. The level of interaction and engagement was excellent. The whole session was comfortable and positive while covering difficult subjects. I look forward to applying some of the techniques.

I’ve learnt how to except our differences and I have learned how to have more respect although it’s been hard with the breakup. Thank you very much for the help and the understanding of the co parenting decision making.

Ron shared useful stories and knowledge to help out with certain issues.

I appreciate the realness Ron delivers with mediation as he relaxed the environment. He also tapped into personal feelings and changed the direction of the interview which personally helped myself.

Fantastic efficient, to the point, knowledge and information can change and teach old, young and new pup’s (dogs) how to be great parents.

The mediator (Ron) was first rate. Ron helped us find ground & step into issues. He is very good at what he does.