Family Mediation

Fair offers an affordable, less stressful method of resolving a dispute. It’s a healthier alternative with the focus on your children. We support parents through the process, understanding it is a difficult time, if we are advocating for anyone it’s the children.

What is Family Mediation and how does it work?

Family mediation is structured to assist parents in a process to negotiate a Parenting Plan and help move through the emotional roller coaster. It’s a tough time when people separate but it doesn’t need to be a war. You are not competing for your children’s interest you are seeking to maintain as much normality as you can for them. It is about developing a structure and routine which allows them to get on with the job of being kids and leave the adult stuff to Mum and Dad. Mediation through various stages will direct you towards this goal.

How many times do we have to go?

At Fair ours is a long term commitment; to work with parents and educate them in how to negotiate about what’s best for the children. If you have recently separated it’s probably best to set up a short-term plan, at least in the interim whilst the emotions are still settling down. It’s your decision as to how many times you come back; it is dependent on the level of conflict between you and a willingness to negotiate with a genuine effort and in good faith.

Poor management of conflict is one of the most significant factors to affect a child’s psychological well-being, especially if it is long lasting. It manifests in the distant future. There has been much research done on the affects, such as children growing up to have unhealthy adult relationships; poor attendance at school or not completing it; engaging in anti-social behaviour and mixing with anti-social peers; engaging in sexual activity earlier with a higher likelihood of pregnancy at a young age.

You largely have control of this. Consider how your children will look back on how you managed this time.

The following table defines the process and pricing for family mediation.

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