June 5

What is reasonable?

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as 1. “Having sound judgement; fair and sensible”, and 2. “As much as is appropriate or fair; moderate”. This definition is a good starting point when negotiating for a reasonable agreement.Yet What’s reasonable to one might be in complete contrast to someone else. Our legal system does provide at least.

May 19

Conflict and you

When I discuss clients issues more times than not they tell me all the things the other person has done wrong. This is a perception and usually driven by the negative feelings held towards the other person. This is not healthy, and can damage long term relationships regardless if you want to be in them.

September 8

Me, My Kids, and My Ex

Me, My Kids, and My Ex

This is one of a series of publications put out by the Australian Government. This provides helpful information, if you are considering separation or already separated. You don’t need to read from cover to cover. It is important to gain information about your situation and learn from it. The more you informed about what’s going.