Fair Education

What education do you do?

At Fair we recognise the importance of building strong relationships, whether you are separated parents, parents together or embarking on becoming parents. We can help.

  • We tailor it to your circumstance.
  • We provide hands on learning.
  • We make it enjoyable, relaxed and at your pace.

Frame Center

You owe it to your children. Consider at some time in your life you have strived to achieve a goal. It may have been getting your driver’s licence or landing a great job. This didn’t happen by chance. You would have researched information,¬†studied and practiced. You strived to be successful. WHY? It was important to you.

How important are your children?

When it comes to our children there is a tendency to adopt our parenting skills from our parents, who got it from theirs, and so it goes on. The old adage “you need a licence to drive a car, but you don’t need one to parent your children”. This is an opportunity to get that licence.

Our education program is about empowerment

We are not about making parents feel guilty. We are passionate about what we do and making sure that children get the best start in life they can. And that starts with you.


We provide training with groups or the individual. Our aim is to get you focusing on the needs of the relationship. ¬†Relationships are complex things, the more effective you are and have a willingness to work hard the easier they become. It’s about working towards everyone’s needs being met.