About Fair

Fair is about breaking down barriers and helping people communicate. We assist parents to reflect on how they have been doing things, consider what they could do better to resolve differences that move people forward.

Fair was started in response to a growing demand for an alternative to the traditional process of Court to resolve a dispute. For the financial and emotional cost of legal proceeding you can get a lot of mediation. Having your matter processed through the legal system is costly and time consuming. Fair puts the people in the decision-making, talking in language you understand.

Communication is all around us, but also often it is misinterpreted. This leads to disagreements. Fair’s people are skilled to assist in interpreting the misunderstandings and help you negotiate for agreement. All too often people become the focal point of the issue. It becomes personal. Fair’s objective is to separate the people from the issue and direct the people to work hard on it (the issue) rather than each other. In a nutshell we help you focus on the issue and talk about the hard stuff constructively.

At Fair we recognise communication is fundamental in everyday life whether it be personal or in the workplace. We offer education. We can assist by tailoring training to meet your needs. It can be group or individual. We help you with the skills to maintain good communication, especially during times of change. It makes good sense for your family.

Change is the process of life. With change comes opportunity. At times some changes can be difficult, especially parent separation. There can be much grief. Children have no control about what’s going on. They can only look on in the hope Mum and Dad can sort things out. If not managed properly or respectfully it can adversely affect family relationships. The affect will not be felt till years into the future. It doesn’t have to be like that. At Fair we can provide consultation to mitigate those tough changes that families go through.

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